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We are Cleveland’s Top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, strategically located on both the east and west side of Cleveland. Established in 2009, our goal was to take regular people and teach them the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a safe, clean, and professional environment.

If you live in the suburbs or if you work downtown, you will find our Beachwood and Fairview Park locations convenient. Come see why over 200 people have made RPBJJ their home!

Group 588@2x(1)


Step by step fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for students interested in learning more about jiu-jitsu by focusing on the controlled drilling of techniques without active sparring.

Group 591@2x

Black Belt

Our Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is the ultimate stage for our adult program structure. For those devoted to to advancing thier Jiu-Jitsu knowledge with cutting edge techniques and drills. 

Group 587@2x


Our advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program focuses on high-level techniques and drills to develop the student's abilities beyond entry-level knowledge to prepare for sparring and advance Jiu-Jitsu drills.

Group 589@2x

No-Gi Grappling

Our No-Gi Grappling program is our general submission-based grappling without the uniform or kimono to grab on for those looking for more technical and fast-paced grappling programs for adults.

Is Rio Pro BJJ Right For Me?

Our school is for everyone that is looking to improve the overall quality of their lives. We offer a diverse set of classes that fit everyone’s needs from professional fighters to stay-at-home moms. No previous experience? Haven’t stepped foot in a gym? No problem. We love beginners!!

Come get in shape, improve your mind, & have some fun!

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Hear from our members!


Spencer Fisher

UFC Fighter

I have trained at Rio Pro as a supplement to my MMA training. They have top notch instruction and the intense training I need as a UFC fighter. If you are in the Cleveland area, I definitely recommend stopping by and checking them out.

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Father of a Student

Rio Pro BJJ is a diamond in the rough in the stacked wrestling state of Ohio. My son has been training at Rio Pro BJJ since its opening. He already had two years under his belt before he met our new family. Over the last two years, they have taken my son Thomas’ grappling game to a whole new level, working with top fight instructors straight from the motherland of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rio de Janerio, Brazil. After winning many state tournaments and the Grappler’s Quest U.S. Nationals, I can’t believe his game is still improving. It seems we’ve only scratched the surface in squeezing knowledge out of his Professor. They bring a steady supply of black belts in from World Renowned schools, such as Grace Barra in Rio de Janerio, as well as professional MMA fighters to make sure your game is evolving. These instructors also compete themselves, which help motive the students that they are not only teachers, but students of the game also. There is no other place we would rather be. Hands down the best BJJ/submission grappling school Ohio has to offer.

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Rio Pro Member

Not long ago I was convinced that my martial arts training had come to an end. Various knee, shoulder and elbow injuries while training for my second degree black belt in Hapkido, together with my age (58), had taken their toll. It didn’t take long for de-conditioning and unwanted weight to become a problem. Fortunately, Rio Pro BJJ came to my rescue with a newly opened Westlake location. While providing an incredible cardio workout, I found that Ju Jitsu is easier on the body, and offers less risk of injury than most other martial art forms. The camaraderie and high level of instruction provided by Prof. Ricardo and Prof. Ze has made the transition all the more enjoyable. Except for the unavoidable work related travel and necessary vacations, Rio Pro BJJ has become an important part of my stress relief and weekly routine. I only wish I had found them sooner. I can unequivocally attest that Rio Pro BJJ offers the highest quality Brazilian Ju Jitsu training available for athletes of all abilities and ages.

Rio Pro BJJ Logo

Rachel Vovos

Rio Pro Member

My son and husband have been training at the Rocky River location for almost two years. We have the most knowledgeable and supportive instructors. Every individual who trains there seems to truly care about helping each other reach their potential.

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Marla Farkas-Newman

Rio Pro Member

My girls have been coming for almost 5 years, their progress has been amazing, seeing them go from scared kids to confident kids has been a real joy

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Tobiaus Taylor

Rio Pro Member

when i first started at Rio Pro my jiu jitsu sucked. Now my jiu jitsu doesn't suck anymore lol enough said...great instructors, fun rewarding atmosphere and all around good experience. wouldn't want to train in jiu jitsu anywhere else. i Definitely recommend this place for Everyone..

Rio Pro BJJ Logo

John Sullivan

Rio Pro Member

Could not have found a better place to learn a great art, a great sport.....a really solid community of folks from all walks of life, all ages, male, female, old, young,.....and no one is where they don't belong. If one is going to make working out a part of life, this is THE way to go!

Rio Pro BJJ Logo

Thompson John

Rio Pro Member

I've been training in BJJ for ten years and have trained at numerous gyms over that time. All the gyms were great gyms but Rio Pro is up there with the best of them. They are very new person friendly and maintain an environment where older guys don't have to worry about meatheads. The instruction follows modern adult learning principles where each technique builds off the previous one over a period of time so that a chain of techniques can be learned and implemented n the mats quickly. My favorite part of Rio Pro is that the white belt curriculum is self defense which is the foundation of BJJ.

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