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*Please conduct a self assessment before coming to class and not enter the facility if you have symptoms.

*Please ensure your uniform, belt, and rash guard has been thoroughly washed before class

*If you do have symptoms or a high risk candidate…..please continue watching the classes on Facebook and avoid coming into the facility.

*There will be no spectators for adults as to avoid gatherings in the lounge area.


*Students will be asked to come to class dressed in their uniform to avoid gatherings in the locker rooms.

*Please bring your own water/drinks.

*Upon entering students will be required to get a temperature check

*Front desk staff will need to sign you in to class. This is mandatory by the state for contact tracing.

*Hand sanitizing will be required on arrival into the facility. Sanitizing station will be provided.


*Loaner uniforms will not be available. Please make sure your bag is packed and ready for each class.

*Class size will be limited to 16 in Beachwood and 22 in Fairview. YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER ONLINE FOR CLASS. 

*Each member will only one other person as training partner for the duration of the class. (Students are encouraged to find a member with similar schedules so they can regularly partner together.

*Each pair needs to maintain 6ft distance from the next pair. Mats will be marked to ensure proper spacing.

6. Although locker rooms will be closed. In an emergency every other locker/hooks will be marked available allow changing with proper distance from other members.

*Garage Doors and Back doors will be open when weather is permitting to encourage air circulation as recommended by state guidelines.

*Regular disinfecting with FDA approved products will be used on all surfaces throughout the facility.


*Only one adult supervisor will be allowed in the facility to watch during per state guidelines

*Encourage your child to mark their beverage as to not mix with other kids.

*Please avoid lingering before and after classes as much as possible.

We are having a difficulty to load your requested events, please come back at a later time.


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