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5 Black Belts at Rio Pro!!!

Today was a special and emotional day to Rio Pro Family!! We have turned one more chapter on this beautiful book we are writing. The first lineage of instructors graduated to the rank of black belt. I couldn’t be more proud as a professor and friend. It has been a honor seen those guys become great jiu-jitsu practitioners, but most of all seen them become examples, good role models and professors.
Congrats Instructor Ante Rio Pro Instructor Rocky Rio Pro Stephen McAuliffe on your graduation!!
Rio Pro Family is maturing and consolidating a bright future.
Ps: thank you all for coming out, was a great class!!
Congrats also Vlad Shulepin for all the amazing job you are doing keeping Rio Pro moving forward, you are the heart and soul.
Thanks to Michael Riedel for being part also of this black belt family ( the first one of many) and for sharing your knowledge with us on the mats.11251120_10203024231085792_4369862831313896566_n 11110250_10203024231565804_4302701688226330342_n 11391629_10203024231205795_5445844243591911670_n

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